What is KitBit?

KitBit is the result of the development of a technology based on a paradigmatic conception of intelligence that can be used to emulate human abilities to solve a wide variety of complex problems in real time.

KitBit technology relies on a mathematical model that duplicates the knowledge acquisition and construction processes seen in nature and that stems from a computational development of a naturalist perspective of reason.

KitBit proposes a new approach for designing applications in multiple fields based on the reproduction and automation of certain human cognition processes.


The efficiency of the KitBit software lies in its plasticity. Our technology is not based on storing vast amounts of data, or even data patterns. Rather, for each phenomenon the system uses a small number of basic algorithms and heuristics to build various procedures, the most suitable of which it then selects and stores to identify the patterns needed to build the corresponding models.


Real-world phenomena respond to the evolution of complex systems in which patterns in those variables that define them vary in space, depending on the scale and region of the system under consideration, and also in time. To deal with these problems, dynamic procedures must be implemented that are capable of finding said patterns so that models can be built in real time. KitBit does not try out solutions, it finds them.


The KitBit technology is able to solve a wide variety of complex problems autonomously by emulating basic human processes of perception and cognition. Its learning ability is based on constantly evaluating and perfecting the efficiency of the procedures used to solve each type of problem. These procedures are built dynamically based on the conception and basic design of our technology.


During the initial development phase, KitBit has demonstrated its ability to emulate human intelligence by solving a wide variety of intelligence, logical, numerical and spatial tests with no prior knowledge, obtaining good results. In this initial stage it has also shown an ability to recognize and model the evolution in real time of natural phenomena defined by the constant temporal flow of the values of a set of variables.


KitBit’s most immediate applications are those that rely on identifying patterns that change over time. The technology employed by KitBit allows it to identify these patterns and anticipate future states in systems and ranges that are typically inaccessible. KitBit is also capable of finding relationships between different data sets that would be difficult for humans to identify. By using capabilities from smart systems in real time, KitBit offers a new approach to the creation of applications in multiple areas. We are currently working on designing the following tools:

Fault prediction

High-volume data analysis is a growing field where KitBit has huge potential. The technology used lets it find relationships between sets of multiple variables in real time that are often unnoticed by a human observer. It can then establish patterns between them that allow it to predict occurrences or future states and anticipate faults or changes in the system’s behavior.

Energy management

The exponential growth of information involving energy management is creating great opportunities based on the smart processing of this large amount of data. The main problem is processing it immediately and continuously so as to yield information that can be used to make decisions in real time. Our technology can also be used to build models that can improve the energy efficiency of any system.

Diagnosing disease

KitBit can be used to detect pathologies or monitor treatments by analyzing biological data in real time that can identify a deviation from or continuation of a preset pattern. We are studying potential applications of KitBit in this area in cooperation with medical research centers.

Intelligence Tests

The intelligence quotient, or IQ, is a measure traditionally used to quantify human intelligence. Its value is derived from the result of a series of standardized tests known as intelligence tests. In general, these tests provide a sequence of data of different types – numerical, alphanumerical and graphical – whose pattern must be identified by the subject to predict the value that follows next. These problems are solved with no prior knowledge and serve to check the individual’s natural intelligence.

KitBit can solve complex IQ tests, demonstrating its ability to emulate human intelligence in this task. As with a human subject, KitBit does not rely on any type of database or pre-existing knowledge. It solves the test by resorting to its ability to recognize patterns.

KitBit is making available the initial version of an online platform to verify the robustness of the system. Users can put KitBit to the test by having it find the solution to the problem proposed. The following tests types are implemented on the platform:


Number series

Alphanumeric series

Linear dominoes

Dot matrix


An interactive game where you can show your intelligence and prove the KitBit’s intelligence. Solve the tests KitBit suggests, and enter your own tests for challenge KitBit.